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Filing out a Nav Log can be a little tricky at first. But once you understand how you get these values it becomes much easier. I hope this sample helps you out. I will be adding more in days to come. Right now this is for TOC “Top of the climb” Most DPE’s will want you to show this. I mean think about it, you’re at full throttle and burning the most fuel in the shortest distance.


TFAnavlog (dragged)


This seems really complicated, I know. But it’s really not that bad at all.

TC to TH to MH to MC

TC True Course. This is what you get using your compass on the sectional.

TH True Heading. Applying wind angles.

MH Magnetic Heading.  Applying magnetic variation.

MC Magnetic Course.  Applying deviation.



A really nice way of doing your nav log. You just can’t print it out. But it’s great to see if you got yours correct. Link

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