Choosing VFR Cruising Altitudes – MzeroA Flight Training When planning your VFR cruising altitudes its important to look at more than just the direction you’re heading. Even so is that heading based on true course or magnetic course? What if I’m flying right on 360 which altitude do I fly then? I’ll answer these questions and more inside todays video.


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  1. Thanks. Where I aviate, OAT is a factor. I like at least 7,500’ (E-bnd)/8,500’ (W). Bumpiness – ok, chop, or turbulence – figure in too, especially on long XC’s. If I want to go ( I studiously avoid saying, HAVE to go) I don’t mind flying in G airspace. We train, we train, we maintain; then we can’t go?

  2. I would think a big concern would be how far the distance is that you’re flying, because if it is a short you’ll spend your entire time Either climbing or descending, or never reach cruise altitude. Out here in the west by the mountains it would depend on where you’re at, because you’re you would have to fly 11 thousand feet + or so to get over some of the mountains here unless you can find a Mountain Pass or Are willing to divert your course 50 or 60 miles to get around the mountains. If you’re flying east out of Albuquerque for example you would have to climb too close to 10,000 feet just to get over the mountains even in the lower areas. Is there a minimum altitude for safety? I believe they practice at 3500 AGL, which In Albuquerque or Santa Fe that could be as high as 8 to 9000 feet to meet those requirements. If you fly through southern New Mexico you could probably get away with 5 to 6000 feet MSL so long as you avoid the mountainous areas. I know there are C130s that fly through the valley I live in at 500 to 1000 feet AGL in between the mountains here.

  3. If you don’t want to diss yourself for living in the east, you can also think “NEODD” (Northbound or Eastbound at odd thousands) and “SWEVEN” (Southbound or Eastbound at even thousands). That’s how I learned it when I did Virtual ATC training on VATSIM.

  4. Hello Jason Schappert, I hear you say you are in Ocala! Please msg me if you have the time and the inclination. I lived in Ocala years ago and was thinking of moving back to the area. Before when I was there I didn't find a great job, so I moved home 1200 miles away, but I was thinking of moving back now that I graduate ground school May 1st 2018 and will have my part 107 GOD willing. I just wanted to speak to you about the prospects in the area. I'd like to work using the knowledge I've acquired; Maybe at an FBO as a long shot. Anyway, hope to hear from you, thanks in advance. I'm Jason as well btw.

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