Category Class And Type

By far one of the hardest questions I’ve been asked. For whatever reason it just wouldn’t stick in my brain. So here we go.

The question.

With Respect to certification, privileges, and limitations of airmen define the terms “Category, Class and type?

Ok, my biggest deal with this is that you need to have a type rating to fly say a Gulfstream. But that’s not the answer for this question. So let’s break it down.

Category.  Simply put means a broad classification of aircraft. Hence things that fly. Airplane, Rotorcraft,  Glider ect. GOT IT NOW..

These are all in the Category


Class  In order to have a class you’ll need to have something in a category, Like a plane, So let’s use a plane for now. A plane can have either one or more engines, right. So in this class you’ll

have, single engine land, multi engine land ect. See not so bad.

Type Again this has nothing to do with a type rating. But is put word for word here.

Type- a specific make and basic model of aircraft including modifications that do not change its handling or flight characteristics 

Ok lets make this type a little bit easier to understand. A type could be a Cessna 150, a Cessna 172. A DC-9 is a type or that big plane you flew to Disney a Boeing 737



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